1. Such an amazing time at the #roundhouse for #citysplash reggae festival! The sound systems were my fav! (at Roundhouse)


  2. Listening to my aunties amazing band until 2am in the middle of soho is amazing! I love them! #london #jazzafterdark #thegoverners (at Jazz After Dark)


  3. This guy! #rizzlekicks @rizzlekicktures (at BBC Broadcasting House)


  4. Awesome bumping into @callux the other day! Loving the #catwang app as well! #london


  5. There was something magical about lochness, awesome staying here for the weekend! #lochness #scotland (at Drumnadrochit)


  6. Haha I’m not even sure how this happened but INSTACEPTION! @mrbenbrown followed by @nickmillerza - @angelamillerza - @pixrree - me - then @chloe_eliot , awesome to catch up with these awesome people again! #london (at London Bridge Station)


  7. I love #duckandwaffle so much! The manager had somehow seen my duck and waffle video and recognised me, he then have me and my family a free desert ON THE HOUSE! Feeling blessed. #london


  8. I love #duckandwaffle , the manager recognised me from my duck and waffle video, he then gave me and my family a free desert ON THE HOUSE! Feeling Blessed. #london


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  10. Jumping in the blue lagoon! I wanna go back to the happiest nation on earth! #vanutau (at Blue Lagoon)


  11. Driving through L.A when the sun is setting is so beautiful! #losangeles #l.a (at Los Angeles)


  12. I think this sign was made for me, we would see this every morning in our hotel in Tonga. #beachlife #tonga


  13. So awesome to meet Vsauce as he was on my flight home, he was so nice and we chatted for quite a while, he was writing his new episode on the flight haha! #vsauce #youtube


  14. Made a few friends down at Venice the other day! Lol my eyes from the sun!! #venicebeach #veniceskatepark #skatepark (at Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California)


  15. My Tongan friends! I spent hours chatting with these guys and it was amazing! Love these guys so much and gonna miss them A LOT!! (at Kalapu Fofo’anga Nuku’alofa)