1. The Vanuatu Fireshow was amazing! A vlog is going up tomorrow and it’ll be the best 10 minutes of your life XD #vanuatu #fireshow (at The Beach Bar. Mele Cove)


  2. The Vanuatu fire show was epic! A vlog is up tomorrow which will be the best 10 minutes of your life haha #vanuatu #fireshow (at The Beach Bar. Mele Cove)


  3. Two new friends I made on the blue lagoon, these kids here honestly looked like the happiest kids I’ve ever seen and they’ve never even heard of an Xbox or PS XD #vanuatu #kids (at Blue Lagoon)


  4. Vanuatu is one of my favourite places on earth… The people here are always so happy and warm hearted, they’re so unique and not like any other people on this planet! #vanuatu #portvilla #pacific


  5. Air New Zealand May be my new fav airline! 10 hour flight from London to L.A, then 12 hour flight to New Zealand, then 3 hour flight to Vanuatu…. And it was DEFO WORTH IT! More instagrams of the islands coming soon!! #kiwi #airport #plane #vanuatu #airnewzealand (at Port Vila)


  6. The fountain on south bank is such fun! I did go inside XD #london #pennymoments (at Southbank, River Thames.)


  7. London comic con at #earlscourt was amazing! #lfcc #london #comiccon2014 (at earls court)


  8. Amazing to work with this guy filming for Newsnight, amazing experience! (at Waterloo, London)


  9. Pennying on the BBC is such an incredible sensation with all the colours and speed! #pennymoments #bbc #london (at BBC Broadcasting House)


  10. PROM WAS CRAY!! #prom #classy (at Hendon Hall Hotel)


  11. Was chillin at South bank for about 3 hours XD #londoneye #london (at The Official London Eye)



  13. Thorpe Park was once again amazing yesterday! #thorpepark #stealth #adrenaline (at THORPE PARK Official)


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    America in one gif

    omg the eagle exploding it

    How the fuck did they get a bald eagle to wear a suit AND fist bump Steven Colbert


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